Treating Tinnitus Holistically with Vibrational Sound Therapy

Over 30% of the UK population suffer from Tinnitus. And on this last day of Tinnitus Awareness week, I thought I’d add the theories that define my approach to healing and alleviating this difficult condition.

Tinnitus is the condition of ringing or buzzing in the ears. 24hrs a day, 365 days a year!!! You can’t sleep, or watch TV, or talk or hear without it effecting you. Tinnitus is not however classified as a disease. According to Chinese 5 element acupuncture theory, it is related to the energy flow through certain meridian channels of the body and organs. In western medicine it is considered  more a result of damage to the inner functioning of the ear.

My close friend Annette has suffered from it for years now and I can’t imagine how awful it must be. On the odd occasion that I’ve had a touch of buzzing in my ears after a concert or too loud wedding music, I can say it wasn’t nice.

Sound therapy in the form of Sound Masking is the current in thing for treating Tinnitus, and it’s really helped Annette. A small device in the ear , like a hearing aid, produces a sound vibration which is specifically matched to your needs and keeps you sane. But it only works while you keep it in. Available at Bloom hearing To be precise she called it nothing short of a miracle!

My personal concern as a Vibrational Sound Therapist however, is not to mask it, or hide it or even lessen it. I believe that by proper balancing of the body that the Tinnitus should dissipate. My intention  is to change the quality of life of the sufferer and clear the Tinnitus if the body allows it.

So what can I share with you regarding Annette’s case and how Vibrational Sound Therapy may help alleviate Tinnitus?

Vibrational Sound Therapy

is based on the Chinese 5 Element Theory of Acupuncture. As mentioned before, the principle of this is that all imbalances in the body are considered a result of the energy in the channels of the body and the organs being out of balance. Instead of using needles though, Sound therapy uses the end of a tuning fork on several key acu-points creating an energetic vibration which clears the entire meridian and powerfully balances the organ. Balancing the organs may take several sessions depending on how unbalanced you are and on how you treat your body and mind on a daily basis. If you treat your body well , and work on improving a positive outlook, progress will be more marked. In most cases , energies shift layer by layer and it can take a few sessions before a real shift is felt. However each case is individual and everyone’s Tinnitus is there own. Once the organs (and Emotional Trauma, see below) are cleared and balanced,  the Tinnitus should disipate or lesson considerably.

Kidney , Liver and Gallbladder  imbalance are the specific organs that can result in Tinnitus.

Kidney Imbalance is considered to be one of the main causes of Tinnitus. In Chinese 5 element medicine the kidneys and ears are closely related as  “the Kidneys are considered to open up to the ears”. The Kidneys are responsible for promoting Qi Energy and Blood to the ears, and maintaining normal physiological functioning. When your Kidney function is imbalanced such as kidney yin weakness the ears are unable to receive adequate Blood and Qi from the Kidneys, resulting in Tinnitus. Imbalances in the organs can happen gradually over time, through childhood illnesses or other factors that may have depleted Qi energy in them, diet, drink, pollution, stress are all factors.


Tinnitus characterised by Kidney imbalance

The ringing sound can be as fine as insect sounds or a low hissing, if you use your hands to cover the ears, the ringing sound will be alleviated. symptoms of lethargy, dizziness, waist/hip pain, knee pain, impotence, lowered libido, frequent urination (especially at night-time), thirst at night-time, waking up early, and a feeling of impending doom may also be present


Self management suggestions for Tinnitus due to Kidney imbalance

  1. Foods : Eat foods which work by tonifying the kidneys. Foods such as; black sesame seeds, goji berries, prawns, beef or beef soup, black kidney beans, soya beans
  2. Look after the lower back : Keep the lower back warm and ( location of the Kidneys) in a good condition to ensure that the area is warm and rich in circulation. If you have lower back pain it is important to resolve this issue while you are undergoing treatment for Tinnitus.


Tinnitus Characterised by Liver and Gallbladder Imbalance:

Liver and Gallbladder Imbalance can also cause Tinnitus. The meridians of the Liver and Gall bladder run around the ears, when the Liver and Gall bladder have a blockage and excess heat, it will move along the meridians reaching the ears, blocking the ear circulation, causing Tinnitus.

This type of Tinnitus sounds like running water or loud machinery noise. When the ears are covered by the hands, the ringing sound will seem louder. Other symptoms accompanying this kind of Tinnitus are : easily becoming angry, very emotional, stressed, reddened face and hot bodied, restlessness and frequent dreaming, insomnia, constipation or sluggish bowel movement, abdomen feeling full or bloating, stiff and painful neck and shoulders, headache, itchy ears.


Self management suggestions for Tinnitus due to Liver and Gallbladder imbalance


  1. Relaxation. The liver and gallbladder are affected by stress and strong emotions. By slowing down your lifestyle and reducing the pressures on you it can support the liver and gallbladder which can prevent Tinnitus.
  2. Relaxation in the form of exercise: Regular relaxing exercise such as walking, light jogging, swimming, yoga, tai chi, meditation and listening to soft music is good for your liver and gallbladder functio


Other reasons for Tinnitus

  1. Injury – accident
  2. Constant exposure to loud music leading to hearing damage


In addition to treatment through Sound Therapy, anything that can be added by the client to assist them in keeping their kidneys and liver healthy will be of great assistance. Avoiding alcohol, drinking about 2 litres good quality water daily, positive thinking, daily practices to increase your vibrational energy and a good diet are for sure essential.

Emotional Trauma

Along with an organ imbalance, is the onset of Tinnitus following a particularly traumatic life event or surgery. This kind of situation could cause a blockage of energy flow or imbalance in the body that needs to be cleared or harmonised to assist healing to take place. Vibrational Sound Therapy is also based on the principle that emotional disturbances and trauma’s in our life along with stressful situations are stored as memories in our Energy Body that surrounds us.

This Biofield is where our memories are stored and has been researched in-depth by Eileen McKusick , author of The Human Biofield.  This wonderful extract from Fabien Maman, one of the greatest Tama Do Sound Therapists of our time explains it all.

It is my belief that sickness begins in our auric field, not in the physical body.  By the time we feel a pain in our kidneys or our lung, we have been ‘working on it’ unconsciously, for a very long time.

Whenever we think a negative thought or feel a negative emotion, we shoot 12 volts of electricity into our energy field.  Negative thoughts land in our mental subtle body.  Heavy emotions land in our astral (emotional) subtle field.  If we obsess about our negative thought or feeling, we can send a shock of electricity into our field every three minutes!  Multiply this by the number of years of obsession with a problem, and that’s a lot of electricity!

Negative patterns create an excess of density in the energy field.  In our energy work, we can scan someone’s subtle fields and ‘read’ their obsessions.  These spots in the field feel sticky like glue or hot to our hand.

Eventually, if not cleared, the ‘hot spot’ in the field crystallizes and becomes extremely dense, causing an energy stagnation and blockage.  People carry negative energy unconsciously around with them for years.  They don’t realize how heavy their thoughts can be.  It’s like carrying around an extra fifty pounds of garbage on the head or on their back (wherever the hot spot is manifesting).

If not cleared, the negative energy will eventually penetrate a weak chakra, then an acupuncture meridian, and at last an organ, where, finally, the person feels a physical sickness.  It can take 30 years of obsession to manifest in the cellular level!

So illness and disease happens where a long term imbalance exists.  We have lost our way.  We no longer resonate with our fundamental essence within our cells and DNA, organs, meridians, chakras and energy fields.  We lose contact with the greater spiral of nature, the seasons, the stars and beyond…’ Fabien Maman


So by clearing the Biofield/Auric Field also by Vibrational Sound Therapy and balancing the organs, a double wammy of healing occurs. It is important to note though that ultimate healing lies with the client. Do they want to let go of their painful experiences? Do they want to change their lifestyle to help their health? Are they willing to do what it takes to change their mindset and have more positive thoughts thereby improving their vibratory health?

Add to this the theory that the ideal vibratory level of optimum health for the human body is a minimum of 62 MHz and it adds the importance of living a lifestyle which promotes a higher vibratory energy such as staying positive (another blog to follow on that subject soon!) Vibrational Sound Therapy will in itself increase this energy level and return it back to optimum level.

This is my approach with my clients and one I hope to report on further in due course. In the meantime Annette has seen much alleviation of her symptoms which continue to improve.

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