This is a non-invasive on and off body acu-point protocol using tuning forks.

Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine utilises needles on key acupoints of the body to empower or balance the organs and meridians of the body and can use many different protocols for treatment.

Sonopuncture differs in that it is based solely on the five element theory aspect of TCM and is a much simpler approach in that it balances all organs, and meridians as needed, by utilising a few key powerful yet safe acupoints on the body.

The treatment does not involve the use of needles, and instead uses tuning forks on the points which is excellent for those preferring a needless approach.

A Sonopuncture Treatment at London Sound Therapy

A session consists of grounding and clearing the Chakra’s, clearing the joints and balancing the body using tuning on and around key acupoints of the body.



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