Sonic Meridian Flush & Sonic Facial

When Tuning forks are used on the body at specific acupuncture points they re-balance and harmonise the body in a deeply therapeutic way. Sound energy travels through the body clearing blockages and meridians- empowering and balancing organs, getting the flow of lymph fluid moving through the body, energising the blood to transport oxygen, releasing toxins and increasing nitric oxide in muscles.

The overall effect is like an internal massage that is deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Sound used along the spinal column helps release trapped tension and empowers spinal fluid, whilst sound used on the head and face leave you totally relaxed and stress free. The face looks younger, brighter and more vibrant.

This is the ultimate tune up treatment for keeping your body in efficient working order, for re-balancing and assisting the body that is suffering from dis-ease, in self healing and for stress release and management.


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