Sound Healing

“We are constantly being beaten down by the chaos that surrounds us, as our bodies struggle to retain the inner harmony dictated by our ‘factory settings’ our prime frequencies”

 Eileen McKusick -Tuning the Human Biofield.


Everything is in a state of vibration, and vibrates at a specific frequency. Every part of our body, mind, thoughts, emotions and environment are in a state of vibration.

Sound healing has been around for millennia and has been used by ancient and modern cultures alike, from Tibetan bowls to Australian didgeridoos, the flow of vibration can leave a deeply restorative effect on the mind and body.

All of nature is bathed in vibration, the planet also vibrates at its own optimal vibration and frequency. Modern life can take us out of resonance with our natural  surroundings as we spend less and less time in nature causing disharmony in our bodies and minds.

Mystics, ancients and modern researchers have long been aware of an underlying framework within us of electromagnetic energy, called our Energy Body. Many eastern and now western traditions and of medicine utilise the meridians and nadis to tap into this energetic flow through acupuncture and tapping for example. The Chakra system is core to this belief theory and has been followed for thousands of years.

Our entire biological system is not unlike a symphony that plays in harmony, which ideally results in wellness, which when compromised though environmental and lifestyle factors, traumatic experiences or even negative thinking can distort the frequency and resonance of your energy body leading to physical illness, immune system function and inner emotional turmoil, anxiety, stress, lack of focus and poor life circumstances. Sound Healing restores a person to Spiritual Wholeness and brings the body back to balance.

Why are people turning to Sound Healing?

  • To work through emotional trauma
  • Reduce physical pain, tension and inflammation
  • Increase mobility and movement
  • Harmonise cellular vibration 
  • Assist the efficiency of organ function
  • Provide the body momentum to start self healing
  • Opening of the heart to love
  • Inviting abundance into their life
  • Restoring balanced feelings of neutral calmness
  • Ability to overcome blocks and move forward in life
  • Clarity and focus on issues causing you challenges
  • Finding a deeper connection to self
  • Increased relaxation
  • Opening of new doorways and possibilities
  • Heaviness replaced with a lightness of being
  • Breakdown of limiting life patterns
  • Reduction of stress or depression
  • Balancing and clearing of chakras and meridians
  • Sense of peacefulness and wellbeing


Sound baths with Crystal baths and Himalayan baths are safe and effective for all clients. However I avoid working with pregnant mums.

Tuning fork Sound Healing is not suitable for individuals with pacemakers, pregnant mums, children under 10 or individuals with terminal illness or at the end of life.

Length of Treatment

Individual results vary. Each treatment builds on each other and Issues tend to dissipate subtly layer by layer.

For individuals with health problems and illness, it is expected that Sound treatment should work alongside the client seeing supporting practitioners that will assist with diet, bodywork and other supporting remedies.


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