Pain Elimination

  It is possible to rid the body of old unwanted pain messages – Permanently!

Steven Blake MBA


When we are in pain it is simply our body telling us something is wrong and we need to get it checked out for anything serious that maybe wrong with us. It is always important to heed such messages and see our GP for any pain we may experience in our body. Pain is an alarm warning us that we have a problem.

Old Pain

However, what happens when your pain has been there for years, or decades and the condition is simply a long standing one such as Arthritis? In these situations you have seen your doctor , had the surgery and/or are on prescribed medication and the constant pain message is just a constant reminded that you have that condition. An over simplified analogy would be like receiving a phone call from your body everyday telling you, you have Arthritis or that you have back pain or another pain. It gets annoying and unbearable and keep people from living and enjoying their lives on many levels.

When you know you have a condition and it is being treated the pain becomes a nuisance alarm. Through simple yet profound techniques founded by Steven Blake who developed the Blake Methodology at old pain 2 go, it is possible to work with your subconscious mind to get you to turn these old no longer needed messages off permanently. Any pain that then comes back is new pain that is indicating that the underlying condition is worsening or a new condition has arisen. This method does not mask, numb or fool pain messages in the body it allows you to agree with your body to re-inform you of any new pain. It is not the same as hypnosis.

In some situations the pain remains because your lifestyle maybe keeping that pain in place. In this situation we work together to discover your triggers so that you can agree to make compromises with your subconscious that will allow that pain to go.


New Pain

When you have an injury or sudden pain in your body such as pulling a muscle during sport it will first need to be checked by the GP. Following that tuning forks and Reiki on the body can greatly help relieve pain. A sound massage treatment followed by short pain relief sessions are available to help relieve the intensity and effects of new pain.




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