Biofield Tuning

About Biofield TuningĀ 

The Biofield refers scientifically to the Electromagnetic Energetic Field that surrounds our body in the form of a torus shape, sometimes known spiritually as the Aura.

It works on the premise that all of our memories are patterned like rings of a tree around our body. Those closest to our bodies being the most recent. Memories are held in this Biofield around us, these include the effects of past hurts, childhood trauma, difficult relationships, abuse, neglect, bullying, grief, war, accident or injury which can become trapped as standing distorted waves in our energetic field where they cause distortion and imbalance. Dissonant frequencies left un-cleared can eventually lead to illness in the body, difficulties in our life circumstances and repeating patterns in our life.

Biofield Tuning uses sound waves created by tuning forks to re-balance and harmonise any dissonant frequencies stuck in standing waves in our electromagnetic field (The Biofield). By holding and working with the tuning fork in the field, dissonant frequencies can harmonise and release.

During a Biofield Tuning the practitioner ‘combs’ through the field much like sonar detectors picking up life events and emotions which present as distortion or static in your field. The tuning forks, re-balance and harmonise these pockets of distortion, and auto-correct, bringing them back to a harmonic rhythm and re-integrated them back with our body, which then releases the trapped emotion to pass without suppression.

Unlike counselling, Biofield Tuning picks up on the emotion of the time it was laid down, allowing it to heal and release as it is ready to without endless talking and discussion. Memories only need be touched upon to release.

These energetic blockages/walls in our Biofield effect how other people perceive us, they effect how we think about things and process things , because everything comes to us through this screen or filter. Unlike counselling therapy in which a lot of the work is mental, Biofield Tuning is considered as energetic bodywork. The emotion that you can discuss time and time again through therapy can only be released if it is released energetically from the cells and electromagnetic waves surrounding your body.

Biofield Tuning works powerfully and beautifully with other healing modalities, such as homeopathy, yoga, meditation, massage, ayurveda, counselling and also general medicine.

During a Biofield Tuning session clients may not be aware of anything, other times it can feel emotional or uncomfortable as emotions release. It helps to identify emotions or events as they are discovered in the Biofield, just a gentle recall is helpful though not necessary.

Energetic distortion in our Biofield shifts layer by layer and each individual is totally unique, as is the healing experienced. Most clients require at minimum 3 sessions.

Biofield Tuning is a simple , effective and very powerful healing modality that can help bring the body back into balance and release past emotions bringing healing and wellbeing.


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