Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is a mind-body approach to healing holistically by working with bio-energy systems, neuro, electro-physiological process and mental functions, to improve emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. Our mind and body is inextricably linked, and by working with the sub-conscious mind, meridian points at the same time as the bodies subtle energy body, powerful healing can be achieved.

I offer the modalities of Old Pain 2 Go Pain Elimination, which works with the subconscious mind to release no longer useful pain messages that maybe crippling your life, such as those caused by diagnosed conditions such as Arthritis, scar tissue, injury and terminal conditions

I also offer Kinetic Shift which powerfully shifts emotional states such as PTSD, anxiety, stress and emotional distress

Although, also listed under vibrational healing, I am also a Bach flower remedy practitioner.  Bach flower remedies allow inner vibrational release and balancing of behaviour which can become out of balance. personality traits which in their optimum state are beneficial, can become detrimental to our life style. Bach flower remedies, bring us back to equilibrium and balance.

I weave these powerful mind shifting and energy shifting modalities into the other vibrational work I offer to create a comprehensive healing toolkit that comes at issues from multiple angles.



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