Difficult Emotions …The Mind-Body Connection

Counselling is a service that most people seek at difficult times of their lives. After a death of a loved one, a marriage break up, and through stressful life circumstances, it often helps to talk and get things off our chest. But on more than one occasion in the past, when I have sought counselling assistance, although it has helped in certain ways such as gaining understanding, it never really helped rid me of the negative feelings and events that I was stuck like a hamster wheel experiencing. I’d walk away from counselling still feeling my pain, often feeling worse as I had just re-lived that traumatic feeling. I’d return to the same old life and the same old problems.

Trained in psychology, I have the utmost respect for counselling modalities, however, my journey through my own problems has taught me that there’s more to it than discussing and analysing our feelings. On a deeper level those emotions are also stored in our bodies, we may deal with those emotions in our mind but do they leave our body? During my divorce my neck pain was so bad that I couldn’t move. Similarly, so many people I see in my therapy room have issues with upper back pain, or shoulder pain which reflects directly to issues in their life, for instance knee pain is often present when they are stuck in repeating patterns and can’t let go of hurts, attachments or overcome obstacles.

Louise Hay , Caroline Myss, Cyndi Dale and Fabien Maman amongst a few big name healing practitioners, have all found and written about how emotions are stored in our body and eventually if left unresolved, effect and degrade our physical health.  Eileen McKusick, a renowned physics based medicine practitioner and Sound Therapist In Vermont, USA, has found through 20 years of research, that emotions and memories are stored like record bands in our energy field (biofield) and can be mapped as to their energetic meaning depending on their placement in our biofield.

It makes sense then that those emotions stuck in our field create our life patterns and colour our lives, decisions, and the way we view the world. What lens are you viewing the world through? One of pain and heartbreak? Emotions are after all, just energy in motion, so it makes sense that constant talking doesn’t dissipate it , only builds it in our body and in our biofield.

As Eileen McKusick puts it ‘there is nothing more elegant than treating energy with energy’. She found through her practice and research that charged emotions remain stuck as dissonant energy waves in our field and by re-tuning those standing waves into a more coherent form the ‘electrical charge’ of that emotion and their effect on your body can be dissipated.

Out of all the therapies I have experienced, I have found Biofield Tuning the most effective at getting me through the most difficult times. Although modalities such as yoga and meditation have been practiced through the ages because they help us release emotion at a physical level, hence bringing us peace on profound levels, I would add to this now the need for regular Biofield Tuning as essential practices for keeping us emotionally healthy, allowing us to stay in tune and shed dissonant energies in our field for a healthy mind and body in this stressful and challenging modern age. We keep our teeth healthy, why not our biofield?

As one of my Biofield Tuning Clients recently said to me after only 6 treatments – “I tried to think about how upset I had been about my recent difficulties and I just couldn’t tap into how bad those felt for me”. It’s not that she didn’t have the memory, or the understanding of the event, she just didn’t have all the pain associated with it. Of course, it’s a journey of letting go, not necessarily an instant miracle, some things are quicker than others to let go of.

At the end of the day, I have found that Incessant talking hasn’t helped me release past difficult emotions — Biofield Tuning and body work has and hence I’ve found it infinitely more helpful in working through and releasing the detrimental patterns in my life.


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