Case Studies & Testimonials


“For many years I have suffered from extreme pain in my ankle due to a fracture which happened over 14 years ago. I have recently been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis in that foot. On a bad day it stiffens up and restricts movement in the ankle joint and effects my walking.

Having tried lots of natural remedies nothing has helped relieve me of the pain better than sound therapy which was introduced to me by Sonia. Whilst having the treatment I feel a sense of tranquillity, I feel totally drawn in by the sounds around me, my feet firmly fixed to the ground, I feel a sense of calmness, peace and all over wellbeing. After the treatment my body feels light as though a huge weight has left me feeling a sense of lightness , calm and purity. My ankle is alleviated of the stiffness and I am able to walk normally without pain and stiffness. My therapy continues, so far I have had four treatments and each time I see immediate improvements after each session. I would recommend Sound Therapy to anyone looking to alleviate any sort of pain and also to anyone who just wants an inner peace and general wellbeing.
A. Bhasin


“Sonia is an excellent Reiki Master, I have had the most extraordinary experience over many months as her sensitive and instinctive treatments produced some notable results. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her. ”
A.Crossland, N.Harrow


“I have been having Sound Therapy with Sonia for 4 months, and I find it absolutely wonderful. Apart from the fact that it has relieved my tinnitus to quite a degree, I also find it soothing and balancing. Sonia is a very intuitive practitioner of this therapy, which is I believe helpful in the extreme. 5 STARS*****!”   Annette Kelly, Harrow


“I am a very busy person and I had Sound Therapy with Sonia. I found the whole experience magical. Sonia is a very knowledgeable lady and she gives 110% in the treatment. I would definitely have it again at is did help me a lot to balance and relax. I will be recommending Sound Therapy to all my clients, friends and family”    Virginia Brennan


“I had a therapy session with Sonia for pain I had in my left hip. After one session with Sonia the pain went. Could not believe it. I had been struggling with pain for over a week. I will be recommending Sonia to all friends and family.”   Ameeta Jokun Singh



“Thank you Sonia, you have been an incredible source of strength during this difficult journey…it seems a path has opened. I certainly felt a shift yesterday and so much happier within myself. Last session I was very tuned in with your therapy….I know it took a few sessions before I could achieve this state, however, the effects of this therapy have certainly worked fast. I am so glad that I completed the full course of the therapy. It’s difficult to understand at first but I certainly can feel how the vibration can change a lot of things. Long may it continue and I will definitely be continuing with top ups.”   Hema Mistry


” I’ve been suffering from Hip pain due to arthritis for the last 5 years and although I’ve been advised that I will eventually need a hip replacement, my daily agony meant I was taking regular pain killers to function every day.  The pain effected my sleep and moods constantly. One session of Pain Elimination with Sonia has removed that old pain and unless I over do it, I have no pain in my hip. If I over exert myself I get slight discomfort only, which tells me I need to slow down a bit. Although my Arthritis is still there, Sonia has informed me that I won’t be troubled by more pain unless my hip deteriorates further and hence I have to know my limitations despite being pain free. I would definitely recommend Sonia for removing old pain in your body. I don’t need painkillers anymore”   ……….

” I also went back to Sonia for treatment when my employment unexpectedly came to an end, and caused me an enormous amount of anxiety and uncertainty about my future and welfare of my family, I was in a very low mood, my thoughts were constantly negative and I felt really despondent. I had been seeking new employment for about 2 months plus  after which I tried Re-tune and Empower sessions with Sonia , to my complete amazement I got calls for Roles immediately which resulted in a job offer.   I would highly recommend this process to anyone  who has had the misfortune that I have experienced. Not only did it empower me to change my thought processes, it gave me the energy, outlook and tools I will most definitely refer back to going forward.  A few sessions with Sonia re-tuned my energy resulting in me securing a job offer within a successful Tier One Investment Bank.”                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bhupinder


Case Studies

  • A client presented to me for Reiki after suffering great heartache many years previously. She had suffered through a horrendous marriage and after divorcing had chosen to remain single for over 10 years. She was scared of allowing any one into her life. Although she had been asked by a friend to go out on a date she had turned him down several times. After approaching me for Reiki she had 3 sessions in which a lot of emotion was released. Within 3 months she was open enough to decide to date the man she had been introduced to. Within a year, the couple decided to marry and now have a child. She is very happy.
  • A client presented to me for Reiki with IBS and anxiety, after approximately 6 sessions I experienced a huge release in trapped energy from her stomach. Following this I was informed that she had been signed off for IBS
  • A gentleman presented for me for Reiki following a very traumatic divorce experience that had left him bitter, angry, distrustful and resentful. He had approximately 6 sessions with me after which I learnt that he had met another young lady , re-married and had a child, something which he couldn’t visualise doing when he had originally approached me treatment.
  • A gentleman contacted me regarding difficulties he was having in his home with neighbours and with having his plans for building work approved, he was experiencing blockages at each step of the way with all his plans. After carrying out a house healing, the very next day a specialist in foundation structures contacted him out of the blue and assisted him in getting the information needed for him to move his plans through. His plans were quickly approved and contractors found easily and works started. He was delighted that delays which had cost him 3 years were resolved in a matter of a couple of days.


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