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“I know what its like to be stuck and to want to change your life. It wasn’t until I started my journey towards healing almost 10 years ago that I realised that you can change your external life from the inside out. By changing the focus of your mind onto the things you want to create and enabling your physical body to let go of stuck emotions it is possible to come into harmonic flow – the outside falls into place. Otherwise you keep attracting the same stuff in your life… your energetic pattern gets stuck on repeat. The eventual casualty of not changing is ill health and disease. People and circumstances only change when you do. ………It’s powerful stuff! “ Sonia


Sonia Initially started her healing work through the study of psychology nearly 30 years ago but more recently through Reiki about 10 years ago as a journey of self discovery for her own healing. The power of this practice inspired her to train up to Reiki Master level with the sole purpose of bringing love and light into the lives of others. Discovering the importance of the Energy body to health and well being led her to the desire for even deeper levels of healing, which she found through Sound Vibration. She went on to train as a Sound Therapist working exclusively with vibrational tuning forks on acu-points on the body and within the Human Biofield. As with all learning it is never ending, and as her understanding grew so a teacher with knowledge of the next level appeared. Sonia went on to study Dowsing and connecting with the vast consciousness of the Universal Field to provide answers that could assist her clients find greater clarity and healing. The combination has produced a unique and inspirational therapeutic modality which combines the best of vibrational medicine and spiritual healing .

Sonia has worked and trained with master teachers from around the world, Raj Bachu, Elizabeth Brown, Fabien Maman, Terres Unsoeld, Carrie Mitchell, Adrian Incledon-Webber, Steven Blake and Eileen Mckusick all of whom who are specialists in their field and have an unrivalled understanding of spirituality, health, cosmology, wellbeing and the holistic healing of the mind, body and soul. Her heartfelt commitment is a testament to her passion and belief ; that Reiki is our Salvation, Sound Therapy is the medicine of the future, and that she can help you on your own journey of self discovery, empowerment and self healing, helping you resonate and align yourself to your highest potential.

“I see life as a journey. Most people think that life just happens to them and they function like hamsters stuck in a wheel. I have been guilty of living this way. With small hopes and dreams and a lax approach to health and wellbeing- you get sick, or don’t feel great and it’s accepted, you take a pill and expect to fix it without looking at what you’re doing wrong, you complain about your lot in life and feel unhappy, helpless and like a leaf tossed around on the wind. I don’t see life like that anymore. You are the artist. You can create a picture as beautiful and unique as you are. But the first step is taking responsibility for your own life and what transpires in it. I am only here to assist you, your catalyst, to empower you, shift your vibration, energise that vision, and to put the wind beneath your wings, the real work comes from you, you’re in the driving seat and I encourage you to steer your ship in a more positive direction. As Harry Potter once said ‘be brave or the bowl will always be empty’. ”

She works from her residence in Stanmore and on request at the C.H.A.I.M centre Willesden Green.


Sonia Kalia-Sagoo

   Energy Therapist

BSc Hons in Psychology, MSc Occ Psych,

Reiki Master, Sound Therapist,













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